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Reservations are obligatore! If you don't cancel in time we have to charge the costs for the accomodation.

For guests, whose works are part of the EMAF programme we try to arrange private accomodation as far as available. In general participants can not claim for free accomodation!

The information desk is located in the LAGERHALLE, Am Heger Tor / Rolandsmauer 26, Osnabrück, and is open from 6th-10th September 1995 daily from 10.00h a.m. to 10.00h p.m. During the festival important phone-calls should be directed only to Tel. 0541/29061, Fax 26593, as our regular office is closed in this period.

See also: Festival Contact Page

The accreditation does not mean generally free access to all events!

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