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Electronic Café

``...surfin' the internet'', this chance will be offered during the E.M.A.F. Daily from 12.00-22.00 the Electronic Café in the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche for sure is one of most interesting parts of the festival. Here you have access to the `marvellous' world of World Wide Web online.

There will be presentations of the following projects:
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A comprehensive introduction for beginners and interested people is given on Friday, Sept 8 at 12.00h in the Kunsthalle. There, the internet-specialist Stefan Kurtz will exemplify all questions about the technique, the costs and the use of the internet.


Fr, 8.9. (Kunsthalle)

The environment-organisation Greenpeace presents the working of the organisation on the field of ``New Media''.

Internet and mailboxes became important elements for the public and for the mutual exchange of many different organisations. Worldwide accessible datas and the international networking are the basis for the spectaculous success of Greenpeace-events in the recent past. Thereby, they sensibilized a broad range of the population, wordwide.

Jim Sweet of Greenpeace Communication from London will present the organisation's online-activities.

Internet Lecture

Th, 7.9. (Kunsthalle)

Detlef Borchers, an Internet expert and journalist (``Die Zeit'', Hamburg) provides a survey of the latest developments in and around the Internet, especially in terms of commercial on-line services.

Comenius Project

Fr, 8.9. (Kunsthalle)

The virtual class-room is becoming reality. In the school-year of 1995/96, ``Comenius'' will be launched, the first project in the world which will link schools with each other and with a central data station via glass fibre.

This ambitious enterprise aims at realizing a media-educational concept for the use of new technologies in the field of media. Ponton European Media Art Lab - responsible for the design, the software development and the making of a concept for utilization - will be presenting Comenius.


Th, 7.9. (Kunsthalle)

Today, television faces radical changes. Interactivity will be introduced into a system which since its early stages has a centralised, unilateral structure of transmission.

Some stations have already established themselves in the Internet. Apart from the BBC, the dutch VPRO is the only public European provider to make use of this oppportunity. Menno Grootveld, a staff member of the station, will present the working method of VPRO.


Sa, 9.9. (Kunsthalle)

TechnoSphere demonstrates the latest developments in the fields of Internet and Artifical Intelligence.
In a ``virtual world'', where landscape and life forms develop in an evolutionary way in the course of time, `agents' or `knowbots' - attributed to different users - will meet. These agents also experience an evolutionary development, due to changes in their (virtual) environment or their meeting with other agents.
Via e-mail and the Internet the users will get information on the `life' of their agents, or they control him/her or equip him/her with additional new features.

TechnoSphere: a project by Jane Prophet, Gordon Selly, Julian Saunderson and Andrew Kind.

The Virtual Embassy

Th, 7.9. (Kunsthalle)

A project by NSK (Neue Slowenische Kunst). This provocative Slovenian artist group will present a new project. They have often triggered controversial discussions with their works and projects.

Multimedia Unplugged

Fr, 8.9. (Kunsthalle)

Without any high-end animations, silver-shining CD-ROMs and other electronic utilities, Brian Rodway, Jeroen De Goei and Christian van Hoven will be presenting an interactive experience of the `different kind': ``Everything you ever wanted to know about Multimedia - but never dared to ask!'' is the motto of this session. Spontaneous, improvised, informative.

Critical Art Ensemble, USA

17.00h, Sa, 9.9. (Kunsthalle)

CAE is a collective consisting of six artists who work in various fields of the new art genres. They will present a performance/lecture which reflects on the themes and appearances of `postmodern' media reality. The topics will be: The TV body, the virtuel body, the data body, the organic body.

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