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Marcel. Lí Antúnez Roca, E

Fr, 8.9. (Haus der Jugend)
23.00h, Sa, 9.9. (Haus der Jugend)

EPIZZO, a hybrid of performance and installation, presents a human body equipped - like a robot - with mechanic devices that make it manoeuverable.

Via computer control the spectator can activate pneumatic gadgets, move the nose, the eyes, the breast or the buttocks of the artist's body. Apart from the mechanics, the infography, the music and the lighting will be controllable as well.

Picture Gallery

Half Human Video Show

Matthew Pullum, GB

We, 6.9. (Lagerhalle)
20.00h, Sa, 9.9. (Lagerhalle)

As if it were a dream, Matt Pullum moves between reality and imagery. The Britsh actor and musician's video shows take place in and around the screen, in which and beside which a lot of remarkable things happens. Pullum interacts with his own likeness on the screen, he sings and he relates crazy stories among confused wishes and everyday hopes.
Very English!


Tristan Thielmann

Performance im Rahmen des International Student Forum

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