The Girlfriend Experience

In “The Girlfriend Experience” by Martin Butler, second life is explored at close range. Actors are standing at the ready in the glass cage when avatars receive instructions from visitors, their ‘controllers’. Together with these ‘real’ avatars, users can discover what they can do for one another and the extent to which the avatars are willing to follow the needs, some of them intimate, of the anonymous players.

// Wed – Sat, 23 - 26 April, daily in the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche



The performance entitled “duocentric” by incite/ is a grating, pulsating stage setting of synchronous sound/image art. Fragmented electrical junk and fragile bursts of static hissing blend with fat bass sounds to groovy IDM beats. In connection with the abstract, precisely constructed grey-level videos, the edged rhythms gain an unusual intensity. The performances of the audiovisual electronic duo from Hamburg were awarded two international prizes last year.

// Fri, 25 April at 10.30 pm in the Haus der Jugend



"@C+Lia", one of the internationally most renowned AV groups of artists whose performances are characterised by the aesthetics of art work and in composition by their balance between minimalism and complexity, will be presented at the EMAF. @c (Miguel Carvalhais and Pedro Tudela) and the artist Lia work together as an audiovisual trio. Lia focuses on the images, while @c produce the sound. Images and sound blend into an audiovisual flow of remarkable coherence and musicality.

// Sat, 26 April at 10.30 pm in the Haus der Jugend


Sozialpalast Mobil

A caravan as a peculiar, open, medial stage: the bourgeois holiday domicile is turned into a multidisciplinary art project, and confronts not only the audience but also the actors themselves with situational intervention in a public space. The performance takes place inside the caravan, while the exterior acts as a projection screen. At times we see spontaneous street theatre, at other times we hear rock music, then hip-hop or guitar pop.

// Wed 23, Fri 25, Sat 26 April, daily from nightfall at various locations in the Old Town of Osnabrück