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Virtual Reality

From FullDome to VR-Video - Cinematic Virtual Reality

Completely submerging in an illusion is an ancient goal of humanity and art. We present a "Best of VR art" short film and art program by students of the HfG (University of Art and Design) and the roots and innovative possibilities of cinematographic VR films and 3D sounds at the "Klostergewölbe" at Kunsthalle Osnabrück.

Experience VR:


Realfilm, David Sarno / 3:42 min / DE / 2007

In a landscape scattered with giant glass domes and an eminent threat. The viewer is prisoner, locked in a doomed world, in which everyone’s live does not seem save anymore...

Der letzte Arbeitstag

Animation, Anna Pietocha / 5:00 min / DE / 2007

A man and his machine are on their last workday. Both, old and replaced, say goodbye with a musical duet.

How To Disappear

Animation, Merlin Flügel / 4:00 min / D / 2011

A hand drawn animation about the inner and the outer, about the unconscious, the felt, the melancholic, the end and the beginning. A hypnotic boat ride without wind.

Schwimmende Einhörner

Fantasy-Kurzfilm, Stefanie Kayß / 5:00 min / DE / 2011

It suddenly starts poring with rain and Marlene sits on top of all that she owns in the middle of a sleeping city. Wet, could and a little afraid, she is confronted with somebody she did not expect.

Vier Null Sieben

Legetrick-Malerei, Sabrina Winter / 3:21 min / DE / 2012

An old man uses the supermarket for a little chat with the cashier. That many people have to wait because of him is part of the plan: At least someone noticed him today.


Collage-Film, Tim Seger / 5:10 min / DE / 2014

When Henry falls asleep at his working place in front of his typewriter he finds himself in a world he does not comprehend. At the Border of society between rubbish and junk everything seems upside down. What are the weird shapes behind him? And how will he get out of this chaotic place?

Blaue Lagune

Realfilm, Marco Russo & Maciej Medrala / 7:26 min / DE / 2015

The loneliness pervades her body. Bittersweet togetherness. Sibling love in the palm sea. There comes a ship from far away. He caresses her young alabasta-butt. Forbidden island, far from Nowhere. Blue lagoon - I had a dream. The two of us at sea.

Das Ende eines langen Tages

Realfilm, Christian Öhl & Philipp Boß / 3:53 min / DE / 2015

If public space sleeps, figures come to life that bring their own rules. Like this night in the train.

My Little Brother Jimmy

Animation, Thomas Bannier / 10:18 min / DE / 2015

A young boy who escapes from a hard childhood into the woods. He leaves his twin brother Jim behind and comes back as an adult to save him from his misery.


Animation, Nicolas Gebbe / 5:00 min / DE / 2016

A tortured soul finds itself in a seemingly hopeless situation. He takes refuge in his self-created dream world to escape from his sorrow. There he creates the Scalarat, which allows dreamers to break free.


A Landscape Narration, Maarten Isaäk de Heer / 13:01 min / DE / 2015

The hand drawn FullDome film invites the shivering spectator in the middle of a snow-covered landscape to participate in strange events.

Talks: 360 ° VR-Filme

Produktion von VR-Filmen

Myrna Brinkmann, SpiceVR Hamburg

The Hamburg based Start-Up SpiceVR will present the VR-pilot movie „Nicht gewollt“ (Not Wanted) about the topic „migration and escape“. A film team will accompany two migrants from Burkina Faso on their way from West Africa to Europe. Directly involved in the events of their precarious journey, the spectator gains a 360° experience. Moreover, SpiceVR-producer Myrna Brinkmann will give insight into the complex production of 360° VR movies.



21 April
14:00 Uhr
Klostergewölbe / Kunsthalle Osnabrück

Best of VR-Art

Prof. Rotraut Pape, Thomas Bannier, Nikolas Gebbe (HfG Offenbach)

Prof. Rotraut Pape, Thomas Bannier und Nikolas Gebbe of Hochschule für Gestaltung Offenbach (HfG) present a "Best of VR art" short film and art program by students of the HfG (University of Art and Design) and the roots and innovative possibilities of cinematographic VR films. Six parallel stations focus on the development of expansive, immersive films from the direction of 360° Fulldome films, which has been researched and practically realized at the HfG art academy since 2007. Screened for the first time at the annual Fulldomefestival in Jena since 2007, these works subsequently caused a sensation around the world, highlighting HfG as the nucleus of research on immersion.

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21 April
15:00 Uhr
Klostergewölbe / Kunsthalle Osnabrück

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