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Andy Warhol

The Pop-art artist Andy Warhol produced numerous `underground' films in his New York `factory' which distinguish themselves among the ordinary genre of film by an unusual handling of the camera, i.e. long takes, deliberately unsteady camera pans, the so-called `strobe cut' - a cut by switching the camera off followed by re-switching it on as well as the subsesquent non-editing. The film contents are also unusual, they might be described as ``documentary voyeurism'': A sleeping man; a kissing couple; eating a banana; ...

Make a visit to the Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, USA.


Andy Warhol
Documentary by Marie Menken, 16mm, 22 min., 1965
Fr, 8.9., 11.30, Lagerhalle

Andy Warhol's Silver Flotations Orgia
Williard Haas, 16mm, 12 min., 1967
Fr, 8.9., 11.30, Lagerhalle

Bike Boy
16mm, col., sound, 96 min., USA
Sa, 9.9., 17.30, Lagerhalle

Blue Movie
16mm, col., sound, 60 min., Lecture about the film
Th, 7.9., 20.00, Lagerhalle

16mm, col., sound, 35 min., USA, 1966
Su, 10.9., 17.30, Lagerhalle

16mm, b/w, silent, 40 min., USA, 1964
Fr, 8.9., 17.30, Lagerhalle

16mm, b/w, sound, 70 min., USA, 1966
Fr, 8.9., 17.30, Lagerhalle

Kiss / Mario Banana
16mm, b/w, silent, 12 min., USA, 1964
Sa, 9.9., 17.30, Lagerhalle

My Hustler
16mm, b/w, sound, 70 min., USA, 1965
Su, 10.9., 17.30, Lagerhalle

Warhol's EPI with The Velvet Underground Empire, Haircut, Sleep (Clips)
16mm, b/w, silent, 30 min., USA, 1964
Fr, 8.9., 11.30, Lagerhalle

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