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Cristmas Online Performance

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This is an all-new performance in the "Christmas" series of online improvisations, which began in mid-1994. The Christmas improvs have been seen in various locations, including the Sandra Gering Gallery's Bioinformatica show in New York (December 1994), and are scheduled to be produced again in London (late September 1995). These improvs feature a variable cast of characters but focus on the trials and tribulations of a central trinity composed of BigMan, LittleMan, and BloodyZelda.

Scheduled performers include Heather Wagner, Joe Ferrari, Lesley Mowat, and Adrianne Wortzel. The performance will be directed in real time by Antoinette LaFarge.

The preformance is located on telnet-service, type the following:

telnet 7777
or follow this link.

Note: after login as guest type the following:

@move me to #3733

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