August Sai

»Map is not the territory«
Tallinn, Video Installation, EST 2010

The most durable myth is the one claiming that people are a part of nature, that people are something else outside themselves. What is the force that has kept people‘s thoughts within these coordinates?
The image people have of themselves - can it be destroyed, torn up by the person themselves? Is it possible to dissolve oneself within oneself so that you cannot even recognise yourself anymore, and then to construct, to program a new “I“; to distance oneself from one‘s own vision and manipulate the constructions inside oneself, in connection with one‘s own subject with no possibility of controlling the substance that makes up the nature of a person‘s “I“, the well-established patterns that are impossible to break or to tear up, at the same time being the object that is being broken (substance) as well as the one that breaks it, the intruder. There is no reality outside the viewer. Reality only exists in our own heads, minds, consciences. It is possible to experience reality through the illusory.

August Sai, *1983, studies at the University of Fine Arts Tallinn, Estonia