Kilian Kretschmer

Karlsruhe, Videoperfomance, D 2010

In my video performance SAVE, I confront media-based forms of representation with reality. The central element of this performance is a VASE, whose anagram results in the titel. The simple plot is the save transport of this vase from pedestal to another. The stage consistsof two screens arranged in an offset pattern. I re-enact a film which is projected on the left screen in the front and is synchonously mirrored to the right screen in the back. When I disappear behind the left screen, I simultaneously appear on the right one as a live-projection. Thus a complex and confusing network of different layers of time and space unfolds. While collapsing, the fragments become an ensemble.

Kilian Kretschmer, *1983, studies Media Art at Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design