Nadine Ibo Bachmann von Werder

»move. crouch. roll.«
Kiel, Essayfilm. D 2011

A movie about me. My life, my inner life. Commented and viewed from the outside, through the eyes of others. The movie deals with memories of drug excesses, depression, breakdowns and moments of freaking out. Seemingly happy party life and nostalgic family memories are subtly unmasked and turn into horrible situations and fairy-tale fiction. The focus is on living with emotional lability (borderline personality disorder) and the traces it leaves. The interviewees tell the audience how they experienced moments and parts of my life. But the statements given by the interviewees seem questionable. Everybody has different memories and a different opinion. These differences are emphasized in the editing process of the movie. Therefore, the view from the outside world is fragmented like a kaleidoscope. The combination with the dream-like inner world images blurs the border between reality and imagination. The movie intends to show that there is more than one truth. The objectivity of film as a communication medium is questioned. Parts of real experiences turn into fictional filmscenes.

Nadine Ibo Bachmann von Werder, *1975 in Berlin, studies Time-Based Media in Kiel