Marc Tobias Winterhagen

»The machine«
Poznan, Installation, PL 2011

When I think about my childhood, I remember not only ready-made toys, but also self-made toys, things made out of fantasy, and I remember of course playgrounds. I think that every person remembers at least one playground, on which he played when he was young. Nowadays, when I look at my little nephews, I see that they have so many things, so many toys to play with at home, they already have a Gameboy and know how to play with the Nintendo Wii, but at the same time I also see that they hardly play with other children and barely create their own toys or visualize an imaginary scenery to act and play in. They don’t put a blanket over a chair and imagine it being cave. I see that their fantasy isn’t a great one, not well developed. They have never played with paper planes, they rarely go to playgrounds or play with other children. Rope skipping is a game they and many other children at their age mostly have not heard of, let alone ever played yet. It is a vanishing game. Unfortunately.

Marc Tobias Winterhagen, *1977 in Frankfurt am Main, study of Multimedia-Communication at the Akademie der Schönen Künste Posen (2007-2010)