Semra Henin & Jill Teichgraeber

Kiel, Video Installation, D 2010

The new project of the artist duo TEICHGRÄBER_HENIN wants to continue their sequel of the neverending dream. This project is using the cultural location of CHATEAU DE MONCLEY (France). It is not used as a static place but as a source of history, cultural heritage, contemporary witness and as playing court. Moncley functions as a playground and a labyrinth, in which the experiment takes place. The young woman starts to communicate with another person who seems to be herself. The multiple film location is the engine of their present project, the artist duo is looking for the secrets and there are more to come. The mighty monument offers hiding places, prisons, protection, hallucinations, mazelike, historical atmosphere, music, sky, mirrows, darkness, a lot of dust, strange eyes, cold stones, spiderwebs and dead butterflies, carpets of dry flies, transparent material, paintings, fountain, fir tree and flowing blue.

Semra Henin & Jill Teichgraeber, both *1982, study at Muthesius Kunsthochschule Kiel, Germany