Justine Emard

»Blank Screens«
Clermont Ferrand, Installation, F 2010

The multi channel installation « Blank Screens » results of a research about landscape and moving images. It shows different places where images are directly involved in the landscape through a screen, mostly drive-in theaters, abandoned or opened. The serie is a witness of the position and the projection of images in a context, a setting, a landscape, a particular place and the power it exercises over the place (traffic, maintenance or abandonment of the place, advertising or media ...).These short videos have been shot in different countries with the ideas of transit, roaming and wandering. Images in these videos seem to be absent through blank or suggested screens…

Justine Emard, *1987 in Beaumont, studied art at Ecole Supérieure d'Art de Clermont Métropole and the School of Art of Oklahoma University.