European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück

Here you can download the festival programme 2016!

EMAF film programme at Martini|50

“Is home where the heart is?!” – this is the title of a film programme that EMAF will be screening at Osnabrück’s Martini|50, a forum for architecture & design, at 19:00 on April 5th.

Here, nine artistic positions explore the topic of “The home as living space” in its various facets in media creations – for example the movie „Living a Beautiful Life“ by Corinna Schnitt. After all, we shape our environment and the places in which we live to suit our common, social and individual ideas and preferences. In the process, the zeitgeist of the time plays a by no means insignificant role – as do education, social and professional status, and personal inclinations and sensitivities. The aesthetic and substantive spectrum of the films ranges from formal structures and pure craftsmanship to personal and universally valid (own) experiences and desires.

PUSH Forward / / Screening
Wednesday 5 April 2017
19:00 - 20:00 h
Martinistrasse 50, 49078 Osnabrück

PUSH Forward // AV Salon Prelude

Under the heading “PUSH FORWARD :: AV Salon Prelude”, the EMAF and the Institute of Music at Osnabrück University of Applied Sciences will join forces to present the AV Salon Prelude.

This concert will bring together new AV projects as a prelude to the upcoming festival.
The musicians Saturated Momen & Gehirnbrand will conduct an audio-visual dialogue with the visual artists Kryshe & Henrik José, creating a unique sensual experience for the first time ever in this constellation. ´Modular Forest` is at its basic a hand built miniature forest and at its fullest, a miniature world which involves computer controlled lights, cameras and movements to create realistic looking scenes which in combination evokes a feeling of abstract mystique and nordic storytelling. The musical framework of the event will be provided by a DJ set with Mario Schoo & David Georgos in which obscure tones blend with more well-known tracks and rotating turntables cause all ears to tune in.

Saturday 18 March 2017
admission 19:30 h; start 20:00 h
Lohstraße 45a, 49074 Osnabrück
Admission fee € 8

„PUSH“ is the motto of EMAF 2017

PUSH | Living in the hyper information age

// Push messages, status and news updates, social bots and hate comments – smartphones and screens are permanently blinking and flashing. Public spaces have always been permeated by announcements, warnings and spectacles. Today, we are experiencing an increase in input pressure – after all, every one of us is a recipient, producer and sender, all rolled into one. Public opinion is characterised by constant information and disinformation.

The result: differences between public and private spaces disappear, positions that were thought to be secure vanish, and populists find their way into government.

This accelerated, clamorous spiral of communication, the intrusive
noise of the media, and the search and craving for media attention move us on to a “post-factual” era in which even democracy must fear for its basic values. In so doing, every user is in search of their own truth within and outside filter bubbles, a truth that is influenced by the frequency of push messages.

Featuring contemporary artistic positions and accompanying talks, the 30th edition of EMAF clears the dense, apparently impenetrable information jungle through which each individual media user must find their way without knowing what the algorithms have in store for us.

We are looking forward to keep you informed during the coming weeks and months and to welcome you in April in Osnabrück!

The future of visions

Don't expect anything

This year, the European Media Art Festival will query the importance and impact of strategies for the future. It is taken for granted that the debate on how to shape societies, their economies and cultures necessarily involves looking to the future, creating drafts and scenarios, speculating and having visions.
However, it should also be a matter of course to ask: who creates these visions, who could have an interest in the implementation of these plans, and whose purpose do these strategies actually serve?

About EMAF

EMAF is one of the most influential forums of international Media Art. As a meeting point for artists, curators, distributors, galleries and an audience of experts the festival has a great impact on the topics and aesthetics of Media Art. Each year the festival offers its visitors a current overview of experimental films, installations, performances, digital formats and hybrid forms, ranging from personal and political subjects or formal experiments to provocative statements from the pulsating area of "Media Art – Society". The Festival sees itself as a place of experimentation and a laboratory where extraordinary works, experiments and ventures are created and presented.

Artist Talks at EMAF 2016

Meet the artists Søren Lind, Jennifer Lyn Morone, Verena Friedrich, Rotraut Pape and Britta Thie at the Kunsthalle Osnabrück on Friday (22 April) and Saturday (23 April).

Britta Thie: "Translantics"Britta Thie: "Translantics"
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