European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück

INIT Exhibition

Comprising sound-producing artefacts and visual installations, studentworks will be showcased that expand the media space, complement it, and encourage interactive dialogue between visitors and the installation.

Locations: hase29, Klostergewölbe at Kunsthalle Osnabrück, Turm Bürgergehorsam, open space

Opening of hase29, the special INIT location: 20 April, 2016, 21.30



Hasestr. 29/30

Sensible Data

Martin Hertig / CH / 2015

“Sensible Data” is an interactive installation consisting of three machines that invite to create a passport from your personal data. Take a picture of yourself and a machine will draw your portrait. Send an email and an algorithm will judge your mood, age, gender and beauty. By pressing a dubious button, you can get a nice confirmation stamp.

Wait to Enjoy a Movie

Yiyang Cao / USA / 2015

“Wait to enjoy a movie” is a sculptural space created to investigate the architecture of waiting and amplify the thinking within it. It deconstructs common assumptions of waiting and entertainment, exposes their inner contradictions, and tries to provoke the audience to reflect on the action of waiting.


Martin Hertig / CH / 2015

On the quest of new forms of tangible interfaces I wanted to work with Zippers. The result is Zippy, a guitar reduced to it’s shell. The bag becomes a simple, but playable guitar. One Zip is for playing chords, one for changing the bar and one for the vibrato.

Current Times

Peter Buczkowski / D / 2015

"Current Times - Workification of Computer Games" is a device, that makes it possible to apply the principle of division of labour to computer games. Each input of a game is assigned to one individual person.

(HfK Bremen)

Earworm Decimators

Antonio Palacios / D / 2015

A mixed-media installation consisting of three product prototypes and three sound pieces. “Earworm Decimators” proposes to eradicate sonic viruses by a process of re-affection. The models developed use noise music to conduct this endeavour.

(HfK Bremen)


Mathias Lam / D / 2015

Placebofied-Self is a series of hacked products which cause a placebo effect in its users.
By manipulating results of different tracking devices the user will either be contented or pushed to achieve better results.

(HfK Bremen)

VR Refugees

Dennis Hoffmann, Yannick Westphal / D / 2015

VR Refugees with the help of virtual reality technology create what the politicians are not able to do: A world without exclusion and prejudices.

(HfK Bremen)


Sandra Heinz / D / 2015

Hiatus [gap, void] is an installation where every visitors actuation reveals a dark patch. The dark patch vanishes for a moment but returns in a different shape. Commonly, hiatus describes a short pause in which nothing happens or a space where something is missing. It refers to the state of in-between. The installation was built in an old customhouse and asks for the sense and senselessness of daily human actions.

(HfG Offenbach)

I Love You

Catharina Szonn / D / 2015

The drawing machine “I Love You” elucidates the intolerability of emotional invisibility. The drawing arm, reminiscent of a human limb, slides over a glass slab, similar to the fleeting gesture of writing in the air. The resulting noise depicts an invisible sensation as a constant loop of affective commonness.

(HfG Offenbach)

Everything is repetitive


Scream Test > Vera Maria Rosa Herr / BE / 18:45
Tor > Andre Mayer & Marlene Hirtreiter / CH / 13:13

Filmic works that contrast occasionally are put in relation to each other as
a continuous loop. Visitors can therefore delve in and out of the screening
at any time.

Andre Mayer & Marlene Hirtreiter: TorAndre Mayer & Marlene Hirtreiter: Tor

Turm Bürgergehorsam

Hasemauer (opposite the Kunsthalle)

Geteiltes Leid ist halbes Leid

Silke Schwarz / D / 2015

The sound installation adresses the reporting of catastrophes in german television. The viewer takes part in the mourning process over the screen and brings it in his/her own social life. The installation visualizes the created collective through the form of language which is used in the reporting of catastrophes.

Welt Klang Sphäre

Alexander Pospischil / D / 2015

In the spatial installation “Welt Klang Sphäre” (Global Sound Sphere), the great richness of diverse soundscapes from around the world is brought to life by the irregular movement of a spherical object. This object not only projects a moving beam of light across the installation space but also determines the selection, arrangement and playback of sounds in space.

Automatic Orchestra

David Beermann, Hendrik Heuer, Irena Kukric, Julian Hespenheide, Thomas Hoheisel
(Initiatoren: Dennis P. Paul, Jakob Bak) / D / 2015

The “Automatic Orchestra” is an audio installation that explores algorithmic composition and networked music. The perpetual interpretation of a common set of rules blurs the distinctiveness between structured composition and performative improvisation.

(HfK Bremen)

Klostergewölbe (Kunsthalle Osnabrück)

Hasemauer 1


Tobias Düser, Linnea Helms, Joy Moorkamp / D / 2016

You’re enjoying the sun during a hot summer day. Returning home, you recognise your skin got sunburned. Usually people aren’t aware of the effects that direct sunlight can have on their skin. We created a sunglasses, which is supposed to detect the invisible UV radiation. Maluvi alerts the user before exceeding his or her personal degree of healthy solar radiation and warns him by visual feedback.

(Hochschule Osnabrück)


Jannik Bussmann, Sebastian Galezka, Carlos Niermeier / D / 2016

A lot of people lack the motivation for doing sports. Asked by other people it seems to be easier to give advice while viewing problems from above than taking action oneself. With WUTZ the user projects his own wishes onto an avatar thus „coaching" him. The avatar evolves by completing different minigames. These games are controlled through a wearable device.

(Hochschule Osnabrück)


Nina Hanfeld, Sorél Loum, Felix Queisler / D / 2016

Extrinsic motivation via a – worn on the arm – wearable. Zwing accesses the iPhone calendar and checks with GPS whether the user is on time at his destination. If delayed, the user is being driven to the destination with electric shocks.


Tim Roßberg: FaceliftTim Roßberg: Facelift

Wait till it gets dark.

Outdoor projections in public space

Interactive and garish, yet beautiful! – There’s a great deal to see at the
town hall square.

Tim Rossberg: "Facelift"

Jannik Bussmann, Dirk Erdmann, Carlos Niermeier, Robert Schnüll: "Unbesehen"

21-23 April, Town hall square, after dark


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