European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück

Performances & Music

Curated by Melvin Neumann.

EMAF presents: Music for Organ & Synthesizers

John Kameel Farah (CAN)

EMAF presents a special live experience at the Bergkirche Osnabrück: Toronto and Berlin-based composer-pianist John Kameel Farah merges the musical worlds of synthesizers and keyboards, with their ancestor, the pipe organ, itself a kind of ancient synthesizer.
Tones from the organ will be filtered and looped through computer effects to alter its sound and play with the church's acoustics. The concert will be in two halves with a short intermission, with a series of minimalistic and maximalistic cosmos-themed compositions and improvisations.

21 April, Doors: 19:45 h, Start: 20:00 h, Bergkirche

The Audiovisual Salon – Part I

The AV Salon sees itself as a forum for sound art combined with visual media.


Paul Jebanasam & Tarik Barri (UK/NL)

Continuum is a new work by Paul Jebanasam featuring visual projections by Dutch artist Tarik Barri. Inspired by the poetics of energy and living matter’s eternal resistance against entropy, the piece explores the compositional space of synthetic audio and visual materials pushed to limits of technological possibilities.
The live performance of the work centres around custom software developed by Barri to enable improvised constructions of complex simulated environments. Traditionally the domain of high performance supercomputing, this practice applies physical models to create immersive examinations into the structure of light. Parallel to this process, Jebanasam’s compositions re-imagine the concert space as a vast architectural instrument based on the acoustic designs of church organs and driven by a bold vision for machined music.

22 April, Doors 20:45 h, Start 21:00 h, Haus der Jugend

Invader AceInvader Ace

EMAF Nightshift

The bar „Zauber von OS“ will again be transformed into the venue for extraordinary performances for a night.

Moon Wheel (SE) is the independent project of Swedish artist and self-taught musician, Olle Holmberg. Holmberg’s cerebral, shape-shifting compositions are inspired by “nature, history, and wandering”, synthesizing electronic and organic sounds through dubby groove deconstructions, uncanny ghost-in-the-machine moods, and grey psychedelic hazes. As each piece is largely improvisational, his live performances do not recreate his repertoire, but rather experiment with creation as a process of discovery.

KUF (D) is organic electronica. Live, variable and full of energy. Brisk piano and diffuse synth voices, powerful drums and a roaring MPC, an uncompromising Moog and a warming double bass. KUF find their own path between improvisation and composition, always taking great care to create a common, organic sound on stage. At the very interface between analogue and digital elements, KUF manages to convey emotions in their most honest and pure form via a single channel: music.

Scandinavian duo Invader Ace consists of Anton Toorell (SE) on guitar and vocals and Peder Simonsen (NO) on tuba and drum machines. Instead of using computers or synths to produce dance music, the band built a custom rig of cheap diy-electronics and a wall of old radios used as amplifiers. Invader Ace are like audio recyclers, creating new contexts for their instruments to function in. They challenge the perceptions of what electronic music should be.

22 April, Doors: 22:15 h, Start 22:30 h, Zauber von OS

The Audiovisual Salon – Part II

AV Performance


Transforma & PC Nackt

"Graete" is the name given by Transforma to their audio-visual instrument, con­sist­ing of mechan­i­cal, image- and sound-making equipment, cameras and microphones. In the performance of the same name, Transforma collaborate with musician and composer PC Nackt. The resulting audiovisual stream is a culmination of both artists actions performed live on stage.

23 April, Doors: 19:45 h, Start: 20:00 h, Haus der Jugend



Billion One is an experimental musician and producer. His style is a mixture of abstract beats, shoegaze melodies and intricate sound design. Billion One’s sound is made up of “analog” and "field recordings" which are blended together to give his music a natural sound.

23 April, 23:00 h, Lagerhalle/Foyer

EMAF Nightshift

Night clubbing with AV Performance and DJ programme

Orson Hentschel is a German composer and producer based in Düsseldorf.He developed his own audiovisual performance, based on the interplay of light, visuals and fog. Moreover he is supported by live drummer Lukas Baumgart and together him and Hentschel create an energy which can be heard as well as felt. His aim is to take the listener on an hour-long journey which brings him to the limits of what he can bear. This is achieved by extended repetitions and long arcs of suspense rather than sheer volume.

Hulk Hodn a.k.a Hodini has been working as a producer and DJ for 15 years now and is playing his way through the European club and festival scene. His repertoire reaches from rap, funk, soul and jazz over to afro, disco and house. But why tell what is already known: Hodini sets the turntables on fire.

23 April, 0:00 h, Lagerhalle

Orson Hentschel: The CurtainOrson Hentschel: The Curtain
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