European Media Art Festiaval Osnabrück
Ausstellung / So, 22. April 2012 | 10:00 / Turm Bürgergehorsam

Exhibition at Turm Bürgergehorsam

Exhibition at Turm Bürgergehorsam

NETWORK / Christine Hoffmann / 2012

"NetWork" thematises the expanding process of networking in digital media. Playfully the installation connects acoustic, visual and moving elements. Hardware like ventilators or loudspeakers is connected and wired with every day objects: alarm clocks, stones, pencils, glass marbles, toys.

The absurdity of links is increased by the sprawling of elements in space. Whirring sound of ventilators and ticking of alarm clocks produce a technical, threatening tone.


Trans Form / Klasse Medienkunst, Universität der Künste Berlin 2010/2011

Filme über, in und mit Stadt

Single-channel video projection with 10 films

Cinematic fieldwork was the focus of a project seminar in the Media Art class of Maria Vedder, Anja Osswald and Till Beckmann on urban transformation processes in Berlin. Two locations in Berlin that stand for change were the object of artistic examination: the Märkisches Viertel and the former Tempelhof Airport. Historically, both places represent visions of urban development of the modern age. In terms of traffic volume, Tempelhof Airport was at the forefront of European air traffic in the 1930s; at the time of its development in the 1960s, the enormous housing estate Märkisches Viertel was considered a showpiece project of social housing. What the two locations also have in common is their eventful history. The Märkisches Viertel soon developed into a socially deprived area. And Tempelhof Airport was always overshadowed by its national socialist past. It is only recently that both locations have experienced an image transformation. The Tempelhofer Feld is an area for all kinds of projected visions. The Märkisches Viertel is investing in energy modernisation, transforming it into a showcase model for the redevelopment of large housing estates.

In the films, transformation is not only derived from the refurbishment activities and structural modifications, but is also more likely to be sought in social details and cinematic inspections of the built-up areas. At EMAF 2012, the Media Art class of Berlin University of the Arts will not only present a project on University Day. It will also offer a single-channel video projection in the medieval setting of the Turm Bürgergehorsam.

Turm Bürgergehorsam


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