Sergej Titov

»The Singing Rocking Chair«
Enschede, Interacitive Installation, NL 2010

My singing-rocking-chair project has been in the development for some months now. The idea was to build a rocking-harp-chair. This idea is inspired by therapeutic musical instruments. In music-therapy the whole body is connected to the instrument. The oscillation of the strings goes through your body. This has a pleasant and curative effect.In my installation people can sit, swing and rock. You can sit, relax and pull the iron strings on the side of the chair. A microphone under the chair catches the oscillation. The oscillation goes through effect-devices, through the amplifier, to the speaker and finally through your body. Sensors perceive the movements of the swinging chair and change the sound during the swing. My motivation is, to see how people react to the installation and its effects.

Sergej Titov, studies at AKI Artez Academy for Fine Art and Design (Enschede, Netherlands)