Valentijn Goethals

Gent, Installation and Performance, B 2011

PIECES OF QUIET creates a closed circuit between image, sound, installation and performer, using reassembled televisions and electronic devices. In this search for interaction, a rare and sincere direct situation is created in which every part is tightly connected, resulting in a sensation of maximal intensity in the audience's eyes. When sound is directly translated to image, without a precomposed digital prefix, an intuitive desire for interaction between the image and the sound is born in the mind of the performer. The fixed circuit imposes specific compository limitations on the performer, the image hence becomes instrument, producer and composer. The performer becomes both master and slave to the image that is produced.
The visual sensations that are produced by the installation are simple and fundamental. Extremely abstract visualizations present themselves as a direct and analog manifestation of sound. Mere fluctuations of shadows and light create an experience that is both unoriented and meditative.
Different frequences and amplitudes—including barely perceptable sounds—produce a series of pulsating horizontal lines on the telivision screens, whose breadth varies according to the changes in frequency. By transmitting the audio directly into the television, Pieces Of Quiet has no need for new software to visualize sound. To the contrary, they step into the potential that is imbedded in the bad connections between existing media.

Valentijn Goethals, *1987 in Torhout, studied graphic design at Sint-Lucas visual arts Ghent in 2009, now studying experimental arts.