Enrique Ramirez

Tourcoing, Le Fresnoy, Installation, F 2011

TAFEL is a project that takes a journey and an imaginary conversation between the two main Belgian cultures: Walloon and Flemish. While listening to interviews with Belgian politicians, the audience sees two tables floating in a lake. Two tables like the two divided cultures, different social policies that are often incomprehensible. TAFEL is an excuse to take up these questions and to reflect on some invisible differences and separations. TAFEL takes us back to two places and exemplifies a forced union of elements that are physically alike but culturally distinct. It shows the differences and similarities between two worlds, two languages; a place that bears a single name, but is divided by invisible walls. A place that is based on the same foundation but at the same time separated by a fissure.

Enrique Ramirez. * 1979 in Santiago Chile, 1999-2002 BA in Film Studies - Instituto de artes y comunicación ARCOS, Chile. 2007-2009 master en studio national of contemporary arts, Le Fresnoy, France