Jean Bonichon

Clermont Ferrand, Installation, F 2010

H like the Hour : a quarter past eight a.m, Enola Gay the american bomber drops his bomb.
H like H bomb : Little boy, first atomic bomb.
H like Hospital : Hospital Shima, precise impact point of the explosion.
H like Hiroshima : town which had been completly eradicated, August 6th, 1945.

Fixed needles show the terrible hour while the clock itself endlessly turns in reverse. Its perception is disturbing and fear is born from this humanistic decline. My art work turns between the absurd and declension in a serious tone. With my photographs, videos and my narration I develop and explore a daily mythology of whom even I sometimes become the object.

Jean Bonichon, study of DNSEP (French Master of Art) at Clermont-Ferrand Art School (ESACM) in 2010