European Media Art Festival 2012

18.-22. April 2012 Festival
18. April - 28. May 2012 Exhibition

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//Accreditation EMAF 2011

Deadline: April 02, 2012
• Accreditation for professionals (institutions, distributors, festivals etc. ® see branch / trade) The accreditation allows free access to the filmprogrammes, the exhibition and the congress of the EMAF. The accreditation-fee of € 30 is to be paid at the info-counter of the festival, after your arrival. The fee includes a free issue of the festival catalogue. (Additional catalogues € 8 each). Please attach a photo (only jpg).
• For participants (artists, film/video makers and speakers) in the programme the accreditation is free of charge.
• For free press accreditation please contact the press office by e-mail presse(at)
• SPECIAL student accreditations are available until April 02nd for € 20 (festival-pass and the catalogue). Please attach a copy of the student card and a photo. Of course you may send a copy of your sturdent ID bypsot as well.

Your personal information will be treated confidentially and will not be forwarded to third parties.

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For further inquiries please contact: agehling(at)

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European Media Art Festival, April 18th – 22th, 2012 Lohstr. 45A

D-49074 Osnabrück

T: +49-(0)541-25779/21658
F: +49-(0)541-28327

Email: info(at)

EMAF is one of the most influential forums of international Media Art. As a meeting point for artists, curators, distributors, galleries and an audience of experts the festival has a great impact on the topics and aesthetics of Media Art. Each year the festival offers its visitors a current overview of experimental films, installations, performances, digital formats and hybrid forms, ranging from personal and political subjects or formal experiments to provocative statements from the pulsating area of “Media Art – Society”. The Festival sees itself as a place of experimentation and a laboratory where extraordinary works, experiments and ventures are created and presented.

// AWARDS At the festival an international jury will present the >EMAF Award< for a trend-setting work in Media Art and the >Dialogpreis< of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs for the promotion of intercultural exchange. Furthermore, the jury of the German Federal Association of Film Journalists will award the prize for the best German experimental film.

// CINEMA Experimental shorts and feature films, music videos, new forms of narration and documentation as well as specials and retrospectives.

// EXHIBITION From 18 April to 27 May 2012, the festival will present current media installations in the Kunsthalle Dominikanerkirche and other locations in Osnabrueck.

// EXPANDED MEDIA Artistic projects in media-arts, performances, digital music and sound projects, as well as the latest concepts of expanded cinema.

//MEDIA CAMPUS The contact and project exchange forum for new projects, tendencies and concepts from the media universities, academies of art and design colleges of Europe.

// CONGRESS Theoretical debates covering the various issues of the festival in talks, workshops, artist presentations and panel discussions.

We warmly invite you to shape and discover the trends of experimental media-arts in Osnabrück Spring 2012.