The Media Campus sees itself as a forum for young, budding student art.

On this year's journey through the landscape of current Media Art, we will stop off in 15 different nations.

The student selection committee has put together a diverse range of film programmes from the entries submitted by numerous young artists from international higher education institutions.
A low-level flight from Mexico to Israel awaits you.

Next stop: exhibition!
A really special exhibition, the “Transit – European Young Talents Forum” project, is presented this year. Hop on and enjoy the view of 16 works from ten European countries, which emerged from the collaboration between the EMAF, the festival VIDEOFORMES (Clermont-Ferrand) and the art centre FLACC workspace (Genk)! In the general exhibition “Planet M”, contributions from Clermont Ferrand (F), Ghent (B), Enschede (NL), Brussels (B), Karlsruhe (D), Kiel (D), Tallinn (EST), Tourcoing (F) and Poznan; (PL) will be shown here in Osnabrück
In addition to exciting installations, a range of performances will also be presented.

And on Thursday, we’ll take the Haus der Jugend by storm on University Day. At an Academy Slam, participants and those responsible for the “Transit” project will describe the special features and advantages of their higher education institutions in a short, concise presentation. You’ll get a glimpse of what’s best about the European academies.

What’s more, you’re invited to try out your own artistic talents in two workshops.

Philipp Czogalla, Stadtnacht

New from old!
“That’s been done before – come up with something new …”- As if! We take what’s there and work with it, creating something new. Alongside Sebastian Neubauer, we’ll experiment with the methods of re-editing, found footage and the transformation of existing video sequences from film, TV and other media.

A search for sources of darkness
Today, even at night urban spaces are also spaces of light. Street lamps cast bright areas onto the asphalt, signboards proclaim brightly coloured messages. In between, however, dark spaces predominate which, if at all, are traversed hastily. This space defies photography, which of course requires light, and also film, and therefore acts as both a curse and an attraction. What happens when you stand still and gaze at the darkness? What if that which is visible slips into the invisible? How to we perceive the city at night? And: is there anything to discover that the day would conceal from us?
Using audiovisual media, participants will be encouraged to realise their own projects in this workshop with Philipp Czogalla.

Students Conference

The very best of the european Academies! At an “Academy Slam”, members of the TRANSIT project will describe the particularities and advantages of their university in a short, concise presentation. Afterwards there will be a meet’n’greet event, giving you the opportunity to exchange views and experiences, meet new people and ask any questions you may have.


The student selection committee has put together a diverse range of film programmes from the entries submitted by numerous young artists from international higher education institutions.
In the four programmes OVER THE EDGE, PREPILOGUE, 100 YEARS OF HOLLYWOOD AND THE SUCCESSION and HITCH-HIKING TO MEDIA ART a low-level flight from Mexico to Israel awaits you.


Florian Schnell & Martin Minsel, Meinungsmeer

Zorn/ Marc Rühl/ D/ 6:52/ V
ticktaktur / Igor Sirjanow/ D/ 11:11/ V
Niele pelkosi / Laura Rytkönen/ FIN/ 2:30/ V
Meinungsmeer /Florian Schnell & Martin Minsel/ D/ 5:45/ V
the silver bullet/ Sarah Janssen/ NL/ 4:15/ V
Caught in Mise en Scene/ Jennifer Ross/ UK/ 3:35/ V
Notebook Phase/ Philipp Artus/ D/ 6:00/ V
pheres/ Stefan Voigt/ D/ 4:16/ V
Affekt/ Andrew Meyer/ D/ 3:31/ V
I DON’T CARE/ David Jansen/ D/ 4:31/ V
Hajde da se igramo/ Marko Ubovic/ SRB/ 5:00/ V
CAMP22/ Markus Kreuzwirth/ D/ 4:23/ V
Nostalgico del Apocalipsis/ Christina Stihler/ E/ 7:50/ V

What happens when we cross the borderline? In ZORN, one of the two gets upset. Who recognises himself in this look at the wider picture? In quiet obsession the protagonist from TICKTAKTUR tries to cope with his environment, and becomes proactive. His addiction to perfection becomes as visible as the fear a girl plays with. NIELE PELKOSI II means, translated, “swallow your fear”, and does not reveal who is swallowing who. Confusion becomes evident in the visualised thoughts of the protagonist who tries to orientate herself in MEINUNGSMEER between option and pressure. With THE SILVER BULLET we look at the possibilities and the constraints and fears associated with them from another perspective. Technological singularity and the creation of artificial intelligence is contrasted with fears and hopes vis-à-vis progress and perfection. CAUGHT IN MISE EN SCENE also deals with the artificiality of our environment. The question arises as to the extent to which we are influenced by the medial mise en scène, whether we are caught up in it and how we can escape. Up to its collapse, NOTEBOOK PHASE watches the balancing act between man and medium. At an abstract level, PHERES addresses the beauty of nature and technology. Three spheres stand for everything natural, and are destroyed in different ways, representing classic industry, modern medicine and nanotechnology. From abstraction back to the roots: AFFEKT is about animalistic killing, the extermination of species and the lessons learnt from experience. Killings also take place in I DON'T CARE. Who shoots at who, and why, remains a mystery because nobody cares. Playing is fun. Toys are harmless. HAJDE DA SE IGRAMO, “let’s play”. We are allowed to ask what shapes our normality. CAMP22 shows someone who questions his norms, who recognises who man’s greatest enemy is, and who it isn’t. When the world comes to an end, the last borderline has been crossed “What would you do,” asks NOSTALGICO DEL APOCALIPSIS, “if you only had a week to live?” Dreams, desires and fears close the curtain in a sometimes bizarre and comical manner.


Kate Haase & Sebastian Hühnel, essLöffel

The Golden Cage/ Paula Godinez/ MEX/ 1:52/ V
essLöffel/Kate Haase & Sebastian Hühnel/ D/ 15:18/ V
That Day/ Iris Blumenshtein/ ISR/ 3:00/ V
Vadders Spur/ Mandy Meißner/ D/ 4:11/ V
Cees/ Viola Groenhart/ FR/ 9:52/ V
Murhatuolit/ Nalle Mielonen/ FIN/ 4:20/ V
Ciudad de las Flores Muertas/ Sharon Toribio/ MEX/ 3:57/ V
Fragments of Life/ Anastasia Lobkovski/ FIN/ 13:00/ V
The most beautiful view/ Liangchuan Sun/ USA/ 4:23/ 35mm

As time goes by: memories of life, the finite nature of being and the legacy of the dead. In THE GOLDEN CAGE we learn that life is none too easy, even for chickens. The wish to create life in a very unusual way is shown in ESSLÖFFEL. We go on a journey of memory in THAT DAY and VADDERS SPUR shows us how the past wants to remain part of us and still move us. CEES is a portrait of the closing chapter of our lives: death. In MURHATOULIT, remains of the past tell their very own stories about life, while we are served a morbid farewell dinner in CIUDAD DE LAS FLORES MUERTAS. In FRAGMENTS OF LIFE a review is given of the phases of life. But there’s no end without a beginning. Life goes on in THE MOST BEAUTIFUL VIEW, and shows just how precious it is.


Ilija Brunck, Jan Bitzer& Csaba Letay, LOOM

100 years of Hollywood and the succession
Loading/ Philipp Czogalla/ D/ 1:54/ V
Interview #3/ Marlene Denningmann/ D/ 5:35/ V
Woman Warrior Exposed (Sigourney Weaver Remix)/ Desiree D’Alessandro/ USA/ 1:24/ V
Neue Autorenwünsche/ Christian Bäucker/ D/ 14:20/ V
LOOM/ Ilija Brunck, Csaba Letay & Jan Bitzer/ D/ 5:20/ V
The easy Guide to Becoming a Famous Artist/ Jonathan Rodriguez Moya, Rita Maria Hausberger & Markus Wendling/ D/ 3:31/ V
Die Verfilmung meines Lebens/ Felix Burger/ D/ 22:50/ V
Reise zum Mars/ Sebastian Binder/ D/ 8:55/ V
Primetime/ Thomas Judisch/ D/ 2:29/ V

In a hi-tech age, a defective drive can bring us to the verge of despair. LOADING enables us to take part in an everyday extreme situation. From everyday life to show business: INTERVIEW #3 plays skillfully with the audience’s expectations. Something is different, but what? Let’s engage in a reflection on gloss and glamour and gender. SIGOURNEY WEAVER EXPOSED (SIGOURNEY WEAVER REMIX) is a found footage film consisting of film and interview footage with Hollywood’s former trophy action heroine, resulting in a critical look at the actress and how she deals with her own sexuality. NEUE AUTORENWÜNSCHE deals with an author who is having a identity crisis. Violence, sex and madness: a dangerous mixture, leading to excesses. In LOOM hope dies first. The snare is set and the insect will be killed by the spider. We are mercilessly shown that there is no escape. Like a moth attracted by light, people are attracted by fame and glory. After all, it’s quite easy, isn’t it? If we take the advice given by THE EASY GUIDE TO BECOMING A FAMOUS ARTIST we can be sure of the “15 minutes of fame” once promised by Andy Warhol. The animation film succesfully satirises the self-help literature that promises an easy path to fame. The interview with the creator of some of the greatest masterpieces of film history: Mr. Hitchcock, how did you do that? is an absolute must for budding filmmakers. Following Francois Truffaut, the protagonist of DIE VERFILMUNG MEINES LEBENS also asks this question. But the direct collaboration between the up-and-coming filmmaker and the “Master of Suspense” resulted in a rift, so the hero decides to bring the hero Buster Keaton on board. REISE ZUM MARS is the title of the first film based on a script from the 1920s. The style of this era is combined with the motifs of the steampunks. We conclude with opinion making: PRIMETIME.


Gerhard Funk, bardzo

Hitch-Hiking to Media Art
Seizure/ Lars Tae-Zun Kempel/ D/ 7:52/ V
sense+innocence/ Nicolaas Schmidt/ D/ 4:28/ V
flussaufwärts-das rote kleid/ Mira Amadea Breuer/ D/ 6:00/ V
Lebensader/ Angela Steffen/ D/ 5:56/ V

3/ Roma Duda/ LT/ 2:17/ V
n gschichtn / Eva Becker/ D/ 17:34/ V
bardzo/ Gerhard Funk/ D/ 8:35/ V
Satisfaction/ Sebastián Ruiz Ibarra/ MEX/ 1:00/ V
Stratum/ Keigo Yasui/ JPN/ 3:30/ V
Phantom Ride/ Elias Heuninck/ BEL/ 9:20/ V


A wild combination of films that do not fit under any label. In this programme, reality mingles with fiction, abstraction and illusion. Confused? Too right! A real feast for the eyes.
SEIZURE deals with the subject of control. The protagonist appears in scenes in which he is asked whether he has control over his life.
SENSE+INNOCENCES shows, using quirky optics and a chipmunk as a protagonist, that it is never in vain not to give up. In the background, Asian children sing a fitting song. Heart-rending.
FLUSSAUFWÄRTS – DAS ROTE KLEID plays with colours, movements and elements of nature, with a special focus on underwater shots. The well-chosen sound adds the finishing touch.
In LEBENSADER everything starts with a leaf; at a closer look new worlds emerge, ready to be discovered. The leaf is inspiration for a journey through the body, nature and life. Both sides are shown – destruction and birth – symbolised by both sides of the leaf.
Film 3 shows, amongst other things, a table running through rooms that seems to scan objects to bring them to life. The whole thing culminates in a living wall painting.
N GSCHICHTN is hard to top when it comes to freakish images and scenes. Here, more than a few laughs are guaranteed, especially considering that it’s all screened in innovative 'Multicolorwidescreenmadness Technology'. The different dialects and characters reveal the subtle humorousness of interpersonal communication.
BARDZO is an animation about a lethargic creature that seems unable to escape from this situation until a small glimmer of hope emerges. Is that enough? Obviously it was enough!
The Verband der Deutschen Filmkritik (VDFK) awarded the prize for the best German experimental film to Gerhard Funk for his film BARDZO. The Media Campus is glad with the artist.
SATISFACTION makes use of advertising clips, creating a film collage which places that which has happened in a critical light.
In STRATUM a white image dissolves into blotches of colour that increasingly change, creating an new image again and again until only a white area remains. These processes are reminiscent of chemical processes.
PHANTOM RIDE shows abstract landscapes. In particular, the movements in the image appear even more extreme due to the manner of representation, leading to impressive, flowing images.