Interesting Performances are also scheduled for 2009.


Bubble Beatz
Bubble Beatz

Bubble Beatz from Switzerland will develop hypnotic groove with their trash drums in their performance concert at the Haus der Jugend on Thursday evening.

// Thu 23 April, 8.30 pm in the Haus der Jugend


Filmbattle: Fleisch vs. Wiesinger

The two film artists Torsten Fleisch and Telemach Wiesinger will be involved in a cinematic battle of images at the Zimmertheater on Friday evening. 16mm and S-8 films will be slung in a wild scenario on top, next to and underneath one another onto the screen on projectors acting as mobile image casters. Better take an aspirin beforehand!

// Fri 24 April, 9.30 pm in the Zimmertheater

Orbital Glider / Raumgleiter

Scanner, one of the most renowned audiovisual artists from Great Britain, is represented at the EMAF. His live performance “Raumgleiter”, developed in collaboration with the Eastern German artist Maix Mayer, relates to the relationship between architecture, spaces and sound. A complex and mysterious chronicle of space is the focus of their live performance. While the soundtrack spins together an imaginary story, the room offers the possibility of contemplation and reflection. In our digital future, “Raumgleiter” brings back the recently forgotten past into public perception, through capture, manipulation and reorientation. This leads to an archaeology of personal experiences and missed opportunities.

“My works have always explored the relationship between sound and architectural spaces on the one hand and the space between information, history, and the disappearance of our own memories on the other. The performance ‘Raumgleiter’ explores the subtle traces of people in public spaces, the ghost of the present and our memories of functional spaces.” (Scanner)

// Sat 25 April, 10.30 pm in the Haus der Jugend