Kurt Kren, born in Vienna in 1929, worked as a civil servant at the Austrian National Bank for 18 years. During this time, he edited the best films of his first phase using a magnifying glass and the most primitive tools. Kren started experimenting with serial editing techniques on 16mm in 1957. These films are among his major works. Together with Peter Kubelka, Kren is regarded as one of the fathers of Structural Film. In the 60s, he filmed the material actions of Otto Mühl and Günter Brus, which earned him a scandalous reputation. This made Kren a central figure of underground film, alongside icons such as Jack Smith and, in both senses of the word, a free film-maker. Kren lived in America from 1978 to 1989, sometimes without fixed abode, without money, sometimes living out of his car. Despite this, he is well-known and has become a cult figure – the Californian punk band “Really Red” gave a tribute concert for him, and Kren was able to continue living with 1000 dollars. After having worked as a museum attendant at Museum of Fine Arts in Houston for six years, he returned to Austria, where he went on to produce several more important films up to his death in 1998.


Kurt Kren

programme 1 (1957 – 67)

1/57 Versuch mit synthetischem Ton (Test)
16mm, sw, 1 min
2/60 48 Köpfe aus dem Szondi-Text
16mm, sw, stumm, 4 min
3/60 Bäume im Herbst
16mm, sw, 5 min
4/61 Mauern pos.-neg. und Weg
16mm, sw, stumm, 5 min
5/62 Fenstergucker, Abfall etc.
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 5 min
6/64 Mama und Papa
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 4 min
7/64 Leda mit dem Schwan
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 3 min
8/64 Ana – Aktion Brus
16mm, sw, stumm, 2:40 min
9/64 O Tannenbaum
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 3 min
10/65 Selbstverstümmelung
16mm, sw, stumm, 5:20 min
10b/65 Silber – Aktion Brus
16mm, sw, 2:35 min
10c/65 Brus wünscht euch seine Weihnachten
16mm, sw, stumm, 3 min
11/65 Bild Helga Philipp
16mm, sw, stumm, 3min
12/66 Cosinus Alpha
16mm, Farbe, 9 min
13/67 Sinus Beta
16mm, sw, 6 min
Gesamt 62:00


programme 2 (1967-75)

15/67 TV
16mm, sw, stumm, 4:10 min
16/67 20. September
16mm, sw, stumm, 6:55 min
17/68 Grün-rot
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 3 min
18/68 Venecia Kaputt
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 22 sek
20/68 Schatzi
16mm, sw, stumm, 3 min
22/69 Happy End
16mm, sw, stumm, 5 min
23/69 Underground Explosion
16mm, Farbe, 5:30 min
24/70 Western
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 3 min
26/71 Zeichenfilm – Balzac und das Auge Gottes
16mm, sw, stumm, 35 sek
27/71 Auf der Pfaueninsel
16mm, sw, stumm, 2 min
28/73 Zeitaufnahme(n)
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 3 min
29/73 Ready-made
16mm, sw, 13 min
30/73 Coop Cinema Amsterdam
16mm, Farbe, 3 min
31/75 Asyl
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 8:25 min
Gesamt 63:00


programme 3 (1976-96)

32/76 An W+B
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 7:42 min
33/77 Keine Donau
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 9 min
34/77 Tschibo
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 2 min
36/78 Rischart
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 3 min
37/78 Tree Again
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 3:45 min
38/79 Sentimental Punk
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 5 min
39/81 Which way to CA?
16mm, sw, stumm, 3:30 min
40/81 Breakfast im Grauen
16mm, sw, stumm, 3:24 min
41/82 Getting warm
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 3:35 min
42/83 no film
16mm, sw, stumm, 3 sek
43/84 1984
16mm, Farbe, stumm, 2 min
44/85 Foot’-age shoot’-out
16mm, Farbe, 2:45 min
46/90 Falter 2
1990, 35mm, sw, 1 min
47/91 Ein Fest
16mm, Farbe, 3 min
48/95 tausendjahrekino
35mm, Farbe, 3:20 min
50/96 Snapspots (for Bruce)
35mm, Farbe, stumm, 4:45 min
Gesamt 62:00