In the section »Cinema« we will present around 170 short and long films, music videos and special programmes. Significant is a trend towards documentary and essayist films that explore socially critical, political and historical, as well as topical themes and interrelations.

Often the settings, e.g. colonial history, are placed in the context of the current political situation, as in the film »Silent Elections« by Sarah Vanagt, which poignantly explores the mental and social scars left behind by the genocide in Rwanda and the Congo. Historical travelogues or literary fragments serve as the point of departure of the cinematic search for another (global) identity.



As an introduction to the topic Mash UP, we screen »RIP: A Remix Manifesto,« a tour de force through the jungle of copyright and copyleft, accompanied by the remix sounds of Girl Talk, which diligently samples music history. The Canadian filmmaker Brett Gaylor throws himself into the copyright battle for Girl Talk. Future versus past...but their opponents are powerful...

This year, the international programme focuses more on mid-length and long films. We would particularly like to highlight »Mark« by Mike Hoolboom – a biographical homage to a deceased friend – and »Jewish Revenge« by Amit Epstein – an entertaining musically staged burlesque with a bitter historical background – the Holocaust.

We are particularly delighted that an Iranian film, entitled »All Restrictions End«, has made it to Osnabrück. Reza Haeri explores the dress code prevailing in Islam in an analytical and informative manner. Of course there’s also space for a few laughs: the two MASH UP programmes contain ironic and satirical commentaries and all kinds of side blows to the film history (stories) of Hollywood.


3D special with current short films by Kerry Laitala and classics by Jack Arnold »Spectrology « and »Afterimage: A Flicker of Life« by Kerry Laitala kick off the programme. A chromatic experience in 3D – colourful – bold and – psychedelic!

We’ll also be screening two 3D films by Jack Arnold from the 1950s: »Creature from the Black Lagoon« and »It Came From Outer Space.«


As an association of festivals that have committed themselves to promoting alternative, independent cinema and the art scene characterised by cinematic experiments and videographic innovations, the following festivals will present themselves at their partners’ festivals: »Film Experience«, Amsterdam, »L’Alternativa Independent Film Festival«, Barcelona, »Cork Film Festival«,Cork, »Festival International Signes De Nuit«, Paris and the »European Media Art Festival«. This year includes a selection from »Videoformes«, Clermont Ferrand. The EMAF will show part of his current tour package.