Black is Black

This year’s retrospective is dedicated to the counter-culture activist Aldo Tambellini, who conquered the »public space« in the 1960s with his films, performances and readings of his texts and poems.
We present his »Black Film Series«, a series of black-and-white films he shot between 1965 and 1969. As a sensitive exploration of the medium, the spectrum ranges from total abstraction to the material on the assassination of Bobby Kennedy, the Vietnam War and black youths on Coney Island. Aggressive, provocative and turbulent, Tambellini reacted back then like a visual firework to the early stages of the information age.
»Black Gate Cologne« was the first ever video

produced by artists for public broadcast on TV. It was screened by the WDR in Cologne as an innovative experiment.
»A Light Play« was created on 30 August 1968 together with the artist Otto Piene. In the 1970s, Tambellini started working at the Center for Advanced Visual Studies, MIT, where he continued collaborating with Otto Piene.


To mark the 30th anniversary of the Experimentalfilm Workshop, a selection of films will be presented from the archives.
We have chosen films and videos that not only give an impression of the wide range and developments of Media Art over the past three decades but that also create a thematic link in the respective programmes.