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Pekka Sassi - Suburb Within
Brett Gaylor - RIP-A Remix Manifesto
Timo Shierhorn - Nacht um Olypima

Anna Sokolova - Ornament
Chen Yun Ju - Starry Starry Night
David Sarno & Tobias Hermann - How I learned to enhance the big moment of realisation by a simple 'Oh, I see!’
Eitan Efrat & Sirah Foighel Brutmann - Tri-ger
Geoffrey Allan Rhodes - 52 card psycho
Heiko Beck - Dies ist keine Übung (Entwurf)
Jens Wunderling - default to public
Jens Wunderling - tweetscreen
Luc Coeckelberghs - Lighthouse (Außenansicht)
Luc Coeckelberghs - Lighthouse (Innenansicht)
Matthias Fritsch - music from the masses
Ruben Bellinkx - The Table Turning
Stefan Demming - Greenhouse
Susanne Schuda - the schudas reloaded
Tilman Kuentzel - Radios Controlled by Malfunction of Fluorescent Tubes
Tobias Rosenberger - The An Archic Device
Tobias Rosenberger - The Grand Defender
Ulu Braun - Cadavre Exquises Vivantes
William Wegman - Reel6 (Courtesy Electronic Arts Intermix,NY)

Joost Rekveld - #37
All restrictions end
Amit Epstein - Jewish Revenge
Jürgen Reble -Materia obscura
Nico Herbst - Red Herring
Ute Ströer - Schlafende Füchsin
Sarah Vanaght - Silent Elections

Janis Schröder - Augen zu Basel
Media Campus
Jonas Bohatsch - v+ - expanded timecode vinyl
Verena Freidrich - Transducers (Foto: Max Schroeder)
Ana Petrovic - Non visual film
Keosang Yoo - Durchgang

Bas van Koolwijk und Gert-Jan Prins - Synchronator
Stefan Demming - Videoloopmachine

Aldo Tambellini - Retrospektive
Aldo Tambellini - Retrospektive