Prof. Rotraut Pape
The history of Media Art, its many forms and fascinating projects, are presented from the personal perspective and history of the artist and filmmaker, using a plethora of examples. Today, at the start of the 21st century, we know that the age of electronic recording media will draw to a close with the collapse of digital media. And we have a sneaking suspision that digitalisation does not make the world a better, more democratic place, as promised, i.e. more user-friendly, but, on the contrary: one software version chases the other from the desktop

Rotraut Pape: Berlin 1956 lives in Berlin. She studied Fine Arts at the artschool Hamburg. 1977–1987 Experimental Films and Videoart. 1981-87 /Member of the performancegroup ›M. Raskin Stichting ens.‹ 1980-1990 Editor of the international Videomagazin ›Infermental1986-90 Member of the artlab Frigo, Lyon F / Arbeit im Kunstraum Frigo, Lyon, Frankreich. Since 1987 Film/videoart, videosculptures, interactive installations (Raskin, Pape). Co-operations with Kunstkanal, EMAN Euro- pean Media Art Network, Van Gogh TV, Ponton, Universcity TV, Canalweb, Club Au- tomatique. Author, director, realisation of experimental documentaries for arte/ZDF/3sat

(›Lost in Music‹, ›Pop Odyssee‹, ›Fantastic Voyages‹, ›Clubculture‹, ›Voodoo Trans- formations, Berlinale Taxi‹). Since 2003 professor for film and video at the University of Art and Design, HfG Of- fenbach. Lectures, publications. Foundaition member of hFMA (hessen film+media Academy)).

Shows (selection): 2009 Hamburger Kunsthalle, Ausstellung Man-Son. 2007 Akademie der Künste Berlin, Transmediale.07: Unfinish! 2006 ZKM | Museum für Neue Kunst & Medienmuseum, Karlsruhe: Infermental. Video Vocabulary of the 1980's.