Newsletter 05-2011


The main part of the EMAF exhibition “Planet M” is an international co-operative project: Moving Stories. With funding from the European Union, six organisations from Belgium, Italy, Austria, France, Poland and Germany produce and present new artistic works. The artists are encouraged to question the narration of moving images and to explore new strategies of narration. The videos and installations created in the process demonstrate a great variety of form and content; by including fiction or documentation, facts or speculation, in a linear or interactive form, they show new perspectives of narrative structures. Moving Stories is an exhibition that will be shown in the six countries of the co-operation partners in the course of 2011.

Candice Breitz (D/ZA): The Character.
Candice Breitz showed 15 Indian adolescents each a different Bollywood film in which a child plays a leading role. Afterwards, the youths described the role the child played, their view of childhood and youth in film and their feelings towards children in Indian cinema.

Nicolas Provost (B): Untitled.

Nicolas Provost narrates a romantic love story using dialogue excerpts spoken by a young couple. Found advertising footage of aircraft flying towards the sunset open up a game between illusion and cinematic narration.

Masbedo (I): Guardare se stessi guardarsi.
A beautiful piano is destroyed by bullets. The report of the shots shakes the room, the instrument loses its shape; what is left is an indefinable heap of material.

Mihai Grecu (F): Under the Centipede Sun.
Grecu creates the portrait of a landscape following its destruction by a war, by a natural disaster or an environmental catastrophe. Barren and deserted, it develops its own dynamics.

Pawel Janicki (PL): Oceanus.
As with a journey on the high seas, the interactive installation offers various possibilities of navigation through the stories of “Oceanus”.

Rainer Gamsjäger (A): Cluster.
The visitor is confronted by a massive bank of clouds, a huge horizontal column of smoke. What appears at first glance to be an exploration of natural phenomena and borderline experiences is simultaneously an intensive preoccupation with the digital possibilities offered by video technology and its suggestive power.


Co-operation partners involved in Moving Stories:

• European Media Art Festival (EMAF), Osnabrück, Germany
• WRO, Arts Centre and International Media Art Biennale, Wrocław, Poland
• Vidéoformes, Manifestation Internationale Art Video et Nouveaux Médias, Clermont-Ferrand, France
• Invideo: A.I.A.C.E., International Exhibition of Video Beyond, Milan, Italy
• Contour - Biennial of Moving Image, Mechelen, Belgium
• OK, Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, Linz, Austria


Hermann Nöring, Alfred Rotert, Ralf Sausmikat.

nordmedia - Die Mediengesellschaft Niedersachsen/Bremen mbH
City of Osnabrück
German Federal Ministry of Education and Research
German Federal Foreign Office
Kulturstiftung des Bundes
Kulturstiftung der Länder
Foundation of Lower Saxony
Europa fördert Niedersachsen
European Regional Development Fund
EU/Culture Programme
150 Years of Friendship Germany - Japan
University of Osnabrück
Canadian Embassy
Grenswerte, funded by Euregio
Cybob Communications

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