Newsletter 07-2010

International Media Artists in Osnabrück

Opening of 23. European Media Art Festival (21.-25. April 2010)

At the 23rd European Media Art Festival, you can discover current productions by international media artists and innovative works by talented young artists from the academies. The current festival´s edition, around 220 current contributions have been selected from around 2200 submitted works. This year´s festival focusses on Mash Up work: by using collage and remixing available media images, artists create surprising reinterpretations of media reality.

During the five-day festival and the five-week exhibition, Osnabrück will once again be transformed into a lively meeting place for international artists, curators, lenders and gallery owners, as well as an interested audience. Be amazed by the diverse, gripping works, and delve into the world of Mash Up.

Playing around with re-mix, and hence with quotes and references, has developed into an aesthetic, satirical and subversive stylistic device. This reflected in the film programme, congress, exhibition, performances and Media Campus.

Around 170 short and long films, music videos and special programmes will be screened in the Cinema domain. A special highlight: the latest 3D films by Kerry Laitala and historic 3D films by Jack Arnold from the 1950s will be shown. This year´s retrospective is dedicated to the filmmaker, video pioneer, multimedia artist, poet and musician Aldo Tambellini, from the USA. In addition, to mark the 30th anniversay of the Experimentalfilm workshop, a selection of films will be presented from the archieves. At the festival´s own conference, well-known speakers will show and discuss current projects based around the theme of the festival. In the exhibition, found-footage artists invent new stories from old films or create video portraits following the surrealist´s method. The performances „Synchronator“ and „Videoloopmascine“ will be presented.

Installation works will also be visible in the public space of the city. The action artist Heiko Beck presents texts on railway bridges and the municipal library. Viewers can also experience the intense effect of the light installation LightHouse by the painter Luc Coeckelberghs.

This year´s Media Campus, a popular meeting place for young artists from international higher education institutions, presents a fresh, diverse programme. In two own exhibitions, six film programmes and lectures by three higher education institutions, Media Campus shows what young Media Art from 16 different countries currently represents.

The Jury of the German Filmcritics presents the „Preis der Deutschen Filmkritik“ and the international Jury the EMAF Award, the „Dialog Preis“ of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, as well as the „ Grand Prix Event Award @ EMAF 2010“ of the Cultural Capital 2011 – Turku.