Newsletter 02-2010

Festival: 21-25 April 2010
Exhibition: 21 April - 24 May 2010

The motto of the 23rd European Media Art Festival (EMAF), which takes place this year, is MASH UP. This will be reflected in the film programmes, lectures and the exhibition. By creating collages and blending existing media images, artists manage to reinterpret the media reality. MASHING UP quotes and references is an aesthetic, satirical and subversive stylistic device.

The online accreditation is available on or website until 12th of April. Here you will find all details und further guest information.

The exhibition at the 23rd European Media Art Festival presents the latest works by international media artists. In addition to mixed-media sculptures, works on the festival theme "Mash up" will be on show until 24 May. All digitally available elements can be used as material to make new collages - as part of an ironic game involving re-use. Re-mixing using boulders from the media quarry has evolved into a widespread cultural technique of creative adaptation and the fundamental principle of culture in the digital age. Artists such as Jens Wunderling and Matthias Fritsch exploit the output of social networks to shape their very own contents or to create collective works in the global network. Others, such as found-footage artists Geoffrey Allan Rhodes and Caspar Stracke, tell completely new stories using old films. Still others are amazingly versatile in their choice of techniques: painter Luc Coeckelberghs creates light sculptures, while multimedia artist Tobias Rosenberger presents a security consulting company that makes mash up the principle of its corporate philosophy.

Ruben Bellinkx (B), Heiko Beck (D), BitteBitteJaJa (Ulu Braun & Roland Rauschmeier, D), Luc Coeckelberghs (B), Stefan Demming (D), Eitan Efrat (ISR/NL), Matthias Fritsch (D), Chen Yun Ju (Taiwan), Tilman Küntzel (D), Geoffrey Allan Rhodes (USA), Tobias Rosenberger (D), David Sarno (D), Susanne Schuda (A), Anna Sokolova (D), Jan Peter Sonntag (D), Caspar Stracke (USA/D), William Wegman (USA), Jens Wunderling (D)

Again this year, Media Campus presents its own exhibition, as well as screenings and talks by European art academies. 60 works have been selected from the total of around 250 sent in by young directors and arranged into six fascinating film programmes. These works, representing cinematic art from 17 countries, reveal the topics currently being explored in young art and experimental films. Themes dealt with include children's imagination, illusions of the mind and the physical experience of naturalness and artificiality. This year's participating institutions are the Koninklijke Academie van beeldende Kunsten of The Hague, Mainz University of Applied Sciences, the Akademie der Bildenden Künste Mainz and Dortmund University of Applied Sciences and Arts. Films will also be screened by the Holon Academic Institute of Technology Israel and Vilnius Academy of Fine Arts Lithuania, for instance.

// EMAF goes 3D
The latest 3D shorts by Kerry Laitala will be shown, as well as two historic 3D films by Jack Arnold from the 1950s. In cooperation with the arthouse cinema Hasetor, "Creature from the Black Lagoon" and "It Came From Outer Space" will be screened as part of the "Hasekult" series.

In addition to the "EMAF Award", the "Dialogpreis" of the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the prize for the best German experimental film of 2010, the Grand Prix Event Award of the European City of Culture 2011, Turku in Finland, will also be presented this year.

Exciting programme items also await you in the film programmes, the Congress and performances. We'll tell you more about those in our next newsletter.
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// CONCEPT AND FESTIVAL MANAGEMENT Hermann Noering, Alfred Rotert, Ralf Sausmikat. We hope we've managed to arouse your curiosity, and warmly invite you to visit the festival.

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