21 - 25 April 2010
Exhibition: 21 April - 24 May 2010

The 23rd European Media Art Festival arouses great international interest.

Once again, there is a great deal of international interest in this year's Media Art Festival in Osnabrück. Over 2100 artists from every corner of the globe have sent in films, videos and installations. The entries were sent from countries such as Mexico, South Korea, Australia, Canada, the Netherlands and France. Entries were received from a total of 60 different countries, whereby Germany, the USA and Great Britain are most strongly represented. However, there are also works from Afghanistan, Palestine and the Arab Emirates, as well as from Russia, the Czech Republic and Argentina.

This year, the European Media Art Festival (EMAF) is co-operating at the national level with Ruhr.2010, as part of the "National Heroes - German Cities of Culture" programme. This project was devised to integrate the cities that competed against one another nationally for the title of the European Capital of Culture. In other words, the former rivals have now become partners which, as a co-operation of cities, are engaging in the programme of the Capital of Culture RUHR.2010.

The festival also maintains good contacts to other European countries. For instance, an additional new award will be presented at this year's EMAF: the " Grand Prix Event Award @ EMAF 2010". This award, which is worth 1500 euros, is part of the overall competition " Grand Prix", announced by the European City of Culture 2011, Turku in Finland.

Another national co-operative project is currently in the decisive phase: "" In collaboration with the documenta Archive in Kassel, the Kassel Documentary Film and Video Festival and the ZKM, Centre for Art and Media Karlsruhe- Institute for Music and Acoustics, an online database for archiving major international media art works will be completed by 2011. This project receives major funding from the German Federal Cultural Foundation and the Cultural Foundation of the German States.

In addition, the EMAF has gained membership to two European support networks, both of which are used by the EU to support the production of artistic projects via its cultural programme. On the initiative of the EMAF, a new multimedia artwork by the internationally renowned artist Candice Breitz is facilitated with the MOVING STORIES project. Also, the EMAF heads the co-operation TRANSIT, in which art institutions from Germany, France, Belgium, England, the Netherlands, Poland and Lithuania collaborate. Within TRANSIT, young talented artists hope to create and present their new works by 2011, and to exhibit them in Osnabrück.

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Hermann Nöring, Alfred Rotert, Ralf Sausmikat

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