Emaf in Madrid

EMAF in Madrid
By invitation of the Goethe Institut Madrid the tourprogramme of the EMAF with the title „Social Arts“ will be presented in the „Centro de Arte Dos Mayo“ in Madrid on Thursday 25th of November 2010. Presentation by Alfred Rotert/ EMAF
Link (ca2m.org)

Special Japan 2011
Media Art from Japan will be a special highlight of the EMAF 2011. The presentations will comprise of new films and videos, installations, performances, games and talks, which will provide informative and surprising

insights into contemporary Japanese media art.

EMAF in Mexiko
By invitation of the Goethe Institut Mexico the EMAF is currently presenting its selection programme "Social Arts" in four cities including Mexico City.
The programme includes the prize-winning works by the Canadian Arts-Activist Istvan Kantor (Operetta), the Anti-War-Animation “Painting Paradise” by Barbara Hlali and other exceptional videos.
Presentations by Hermann Nöring of the EMAF.