EMAF Tour 2009/2010

The current EMAF TOURPROGRAM is titled “Social Arts”.

It presents along with the prize-winning works by the Canadian Arts-Activist Istvan Kantor (Operetta) and the Anti-War-Animation “Painting Paradise” by Barbara Hlali a couple of works dealing with social and environmental problems. As well in focus is the situation of artists in our society today. “Ivo Burokvic” proves with his persiflage about the demands of the Art-Market that this can be very entertaining. Aesthetics and techniques of the works shown reach from HD-Computer-animation (Westcoast) to dramaturgical perfect (Dance-Theatre-) Constructions (Burlesque and Naufrage) to rough YouTube style (Rehab).

You can book the program for a flatrate of just 150.- Euro. So it is interesting for smaller venues, galleries, museums and clubs, which want to present high quality media-arts as well.

The program consists of:


Westcoast (AT) D 2009, Video, 7 min, Ulu Braun

Settled between film, video, collage and animation, an image detail pans a digitally mounted tableau that offers humans and animals space for their existence.

Burlesque GB 2008, Video, 10 min, Director Tim Shore & Gary Thomas

Five soldiers prepare and enact a performance that evokes the aggressively physical games of the British public school.

Painting Paradise D 2008, Video, 6 min, Barbara Hlali

Media reports show how the wall surrounding the Shiite quarter in Baghdad is painted with beautiful landscapes: Aesthetic creation is used to cover military measures and war effects.

(The Never Ending) Operetta CDN 2008, Video, 35 min, Director Istvan Kantor

Living in a small industrial area, a local neighbourhood activist is trying to fight the ever growing army of developers.

Naufrage F 2008, Video, 7 min, Director Clorinde Durand

»Naufrage« lists fears: the narration stops at the frozen instant. But »Naufrage« relates something. What is it talking about? We don’t know...

Ivo Burokvic – The Life Of The Fake Artist As A Young Business Model D 2008, Video, 12 min, Director Paul Wiersbinski

The project documents the ordering of an oil painting after a photoshop-picture in China and the selling of this piece at a renowned auction.

Rehab NL 2008, Video, 4 min, Director Camille Verbunt

People singing Amy Winehouse’s Rehab.


We wish fun and agitating entertainment!